Want better grades? Survey says listen to music while you study

While your teachers always stressed silence, a new survey shows that listening to music while you’re hitting the books can help your grades. 

The poll of 2,000 Americans that was commissioned by CSU Global showed that 84% of those who opened a playlist along with their books had GPAs over 3.2 compared to the 78% who studied in silence. 

Sixty percent of respondents said they studied better with something playing in the background, whether it be music, nature sounds or even podcasts. 

The trend increased as the age of those polled decreased: 58% of 18- to 25-year-olds said they had music playing while they studied, something done by only 41% of those aged 58-76.

Classical music was the most common study aid, tied with nature sounds at 30%; not far behind were R&B and country music at 28%, and podcasts at 24%. 

In fact, 80% of those who listen to music say it helps them absorb information better, and 81% say it made learning more enjoyable. 

And this attitude doesn’t only apply to school, the survey showed: 89% say they feel more productive at work when they can take in tunes; 84% say it made them actually look forward to work.

If you’ve ever worked in a fully silent workplace, you’ll understand why. In fact, two-thirds of those polled said they’ve got a musical accompaniment to their workday.

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