Party foul: Survey shows two-thirds of get-together guests “snoop” in your house

Be wary of who you invite to your next shindig — or better yet, be extra vigilant hiding anything embarrassing. That’s because according to a new survey, two-thirds of Americans admit they’ve snooped around their host’s home at a party. 

The revelation was part of a poll of more than 3,400 Americans that was commissioned by RTA Outdoor Living, which looked into some of the worst aspects of throwing a get-together. 

Nearly a quarter of those who’ve copped to snooping say they check the medicine cabinet; 13% look in the kitchen cabinets; and more than 12% say they peek into the bedrooms. 

The survey also looked into the most common party fouls: Nearly 29% of respondents get miffed when a guest shows up empty-handed and 35% say they hate being left to clean up by themselves. But at 60%, the worst party foul is when folks overstay their welcome. 

On the “bad guest” topic, 32% say the worst are the ones who steal stuff from you — a bit of a no-brainer, that, while nearly 29% hate the guest that gets belligerent when they drink. Perhaps related, 27% of those who start fights at parties are considered bad guests. And 4% say guests “with too many enemies” are a problem. 

In fact, 47% of those polled say bad party behavior would lead them to break up with somebody. 

For the record, at least according to the poll’s analysis, guests in Tennessee are among the best in the Union to have ’round, while Delaware had the worst party attendees. Sorry, President Biden.

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