What’s that smell? It’s an accidental dumping of cow intestines

If you live in north Houston — wow, we feel so bad for you.

KHOU reports residents are dealing with unlivable conditions after a truck spilled rotten cow intestines all over a busy intersection in the late afternoon, which permeated the air with an ultra foul stench.

Local resident Tahj Scott had to drive through the tripe to pick her daughter up from day care, so her nostrils got a good soak in the stinky sauce. “I have not ever encountered anything like this before,” she said. “This is a first, but definitely the worst smell I ever smelled.”

She said the scent is “indescribable” and makes her want to put a mask back on to dull the stench.  

Other residents say the odor is making people gag on the street — long after officials cleaned up the mess.

Said resident Jerry Benoit, “Yeah it going to be here awhile … It’s going to linger a little bit.”

It is not known what truck dumped the cow innards, how they got there and why a truck was carrying cow intestines to begin with.