Meet the woman with the most-tattooed privates in the world

(NOTE NATURE, CONTENT) A woman’s obsession with getting tattoos is causing her to run out of space on her body for new ones — and there’s hardly any real estate left on her private parts.

New York Post reports a British woman named Becky Holt is taking over OnlyFans by claiming she has the world’s most-tattooed vagina. 

Yes, each part down there has some ink — have fun imagining that on your morning commute.

Holt already spent $42,000 for a fully inked “bodysuit,” and she said it took five separate sessions to tattoo her labia because of how agonizingly painful the process was.

“I was in an incredible amount of pain,” she explained. “It’s quite embarrassing having a tattoo artist between your legs but it needed to be finished as I want my bodysuit to be fully complete.”

She said it’s been a while since her last session, but her pubic area is still too tender for her to have some adult fun with her partner.  

“We won’t be able to be intimate until it’s finished healing, which will be difficult for both of us as we have a very active sex life,” said Holt. 

But she’s receiving plenty of love online, with admirers praising her incredible tolerance for pain.  

Aside from her nether regions, what body parts aren’t inked up yet? It appears just her face and palms are the last ink-free sections of her body.  

You can follow the self-professed “Britain’s most tattooed woman” on Instagram and, if you pay up, on OnlyFans.