Poll shows nearly 75% of respondents say college teaches life lessons

While getting an academic education is the whole point of going to college, a new poll shows nearly 75% of Americans believe college teaches them life lessons, as well. 

After all, where do most learn the hard way never to mix brown and clear booze?

That wasn’t specifically mentioned in the Texas Tech University-sponsored poll that revealed 73% of Americans insist college taught them lessons they needed to master the finer points of adulting.

While 46% said getting good grades was the main challenge in their college years, nearly as many, 45%, admitted time management was just as important to tackle. 

Forty-four percent said higher education teaches you how to have more responsibilities, and 43% said it prepared them to live on their own. 

In fact, the poll also revealed that 44% are considering returning to college after a lapse of enrollment, just to bone up on those aforementioned life skills.  

Plus, being able to finally nail a honeycomb in beer pong could come in handy. 

Interestingly, that outranked the percentage of respondents who were thinking of going back to school to start a new career path. 

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