Customs finds some bananas and a whole lotta cocaine

Someone who works for a cartel is getting fired.

BBC reports that someone who tried to smuggle millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine into Europe did a very terrible job. Why? They tried sneaking it in with a banana shipment — but there was too much cocaine and not enough bananas.

Basically, police working the London Gateway port opened a box supposedly carrying just the delicious yellow fruit and couldn’t miss the blocks of cocaine underneath. One photo shows just four clusters of bananas haphazardly draped over several unmistakable bricks wrapped in green cellophane.

In all, police intercepted over 1,100 pounds of cocaine that was meant to go to the Netherlands.

National Crime Agency manager Adam Berry said the seized drugs are “a huge blow” to the cartels because, in all, that cocaine cluster is valued at roughly $50 million.