“So, who had time traveler from 2906 saying we’re a year away from doom on their Bingo card?”

Do you believe in time travel? We’ll rephrase — do you believe in this particular person who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2906?

TikTok user timevoyaging claims they traveled back 884 years to give us dire warnings of the horrors to come — from a social media star passing away soon to a massive wave hitting California on October 24

One video in particular is blowing up on TikTok, which is a claim that the Earth will discover a hostile new species in 2023 that, get this, lives underground. This person claims someone will find an underground cave on January 13 that will lead them to a world underneath our soil that’s populated by hostile creatures called “Azawa.”

They claim these things are behind many of the Earth’s problems, including 9/11.  

They didn’t explain what happens when these “Azawa” things are found — just that they live beneath the surface.

So far this time traveler has yet to get any of their so-called warnings right. So, if a giant wave hits California in October, then keep your eyes peeled on December 10, because they say that will be the day President Joe Biden will be removed from office.