The Dalles Marina Fire

This update was a email sent out from Angie Wilson from The Dalles Marina:

Unfortunately, as you already know, there was a fire yesterday evening (08-01-2022) at the marina,
specifically on the B dock. Since then, the marina has been closed including both the A & C docks, the
guest moorage, access to the boat basin from the river, and the west parking lot – only the public boat
launch ramp, restrooms and east parking lot remain open. While the fire has been largely contained, the
B dock is still an active fire site, so it is strictly prohibited for anyone to enter the marina until further

The call to Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue (MCFR) was received at 7:10 p.m. and they were on-scene shortly
thereafter. Due to the nature of the fire, the wind, and the proximity of other boathouses, MCFR
requested mutual aid from stations in the Gorge and Portland. The Port of The Dalles contacted an
emergency response team to set up containment booms around the fire zone and across the mouth of
the marina to keep the fire debris out of the Columbia River. They were on-site and able to set up the
containment booms as soon as MCFR indicated that it was safe to do so. At this point, all fire debris is
contained in the marina basin.

Water, sewer, and power were turned off to all fingers at the start of the fire. This morning NWPUD did
restore power to the A dock and C dock. B dock will remain unenergized until further notice. Water and
sewer will also remain off to the entire marina until the systems can be inspected and certified operable.
Both MCFR and Oregon State Fire Marshall investigations have begun, as have insurance companies’ fire