Emily Bartholomew presides as Goldendale Mayor for a Day

Emily Bartholomew may have a future in politics. When the seven-year-old won the kids’ scavenger hunt at Community Days, she eagerly looked forward to the prize — to be Goldendale’s mayor for a day. When asked what she wanted to do during her term in office, she answered, “Everything!”

That day arrived Monday, and she did. She received a pair of sesquicentennial coins, met everyone working at City Hall, rode on a firetruck with a police escort, ate lunch in the mayor’s office and even toured the award-winning lab at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

But the crowning glory came at the city council meeting, where, sitting behind a custom name plate, she presided, banging the gavel to open the meeting and leading the Pledge of Allegiance. She received hearty applause for her service when she turned the gavel back to regular mayor Mike Canon.