A.I. predicts “the last selfies on Earth”

While it’s not too comforting a thought to start the weekend, an artificial intelligence program has completed its work on what it thinks the last selfies ever taken by man will look like. 

Simply put: they ain’t pretty. 

The computer-generated photos were the “handiwork” of the DALL-E mini image generator, which can turn ideas into actual pictures, some of which can be seen on the Robot Overlords’ TikTok

Tasked with imagining what the last selfies we’ll ever take will look like, DALL-E spit out a slew of creepy pictures, which were made even creepier thanks to a slideshow set to Caretaker‘s “It’s Just a Burning Memory.”

One of the photos shows a pale, hairless humanoid form holding his phone before him as missiles fire from a desolate, blackened wasteland. Another shows a haggard, scarred form wrapped in a hat and a hoodie, with a scorched Earth behind him.

Another shows a heavyset, deformed female form, posing for her flesh-covered cellphone as the Earth burns behind her; a final entry is of a mostly skeletonized head posing before a similarly apocalyptic backdrop.  

Users’ comments were uniformly distressed by what the computer apparently thinks could be our future.

One TikToker summed it up best: “OK no more sleeping.”

Have a good weekend!