Naked man shows off his guns by doing pushups on highway — then takes out real gun

In today’s installment of “where was he keeping that?”: Meet this 46-year-old naked man from Rapid City, Michigan.

WDIV reports police arrested the middle-aged man for yanking off his clothes and running onto a Michigan highway. While flashing people as he trotted across U.S. 131, he broke out into a dance. 

When he was finished with that particular form of expression, he then decided to drop on the ground and do some pushups, all while holding a gun in his hand.  

The firearm was identified as a 9mm handgun, and witnesses say he dumped out its ammunition while police were responding to 911 calls. 

The man was arrested and taken to Munson Hospital Cadillac for an evaluation. Police later found he had a valid Michigan CPL.