“I look and there is really a little white girl laying on my couch”

How far would you go to make it to nap time?

WPXI reports a woman broke into another person’s home in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Yes, like a cat.

Homeowner Tenesha Fisher recalled the bizarre early morning discovery. “I look and there is really a little white girl laying on my couch,” she told the outlet. “Wrapped all the way up [in a blanket]. Shoes on. Big ol’ sandals on. Just a hot mess.”

Even worse, the woman fell asleep on a pile of clean laundry that was on the couch and had grabbed the funeral blanket belonging to Fisher’s aunt. It also should be mentioned Fisher was asleep just feet away, as she had conked out while watching television.

Fisher called police and recalled, “I walked them in, and they were just, ‘Hum.’ And I’m like, ‘I know, right?'”

The intruder was identified as Kelly Bridger, who was intoxicated and apparently forced her way into the home because her grandmother once lived there. 

Fisher doesn’t care Bridger has a connection to her home and quipped, “You know, it’s not Grammy’s house and there is a big Black woman asleep, right here, by herself.” She also slammed Bridger’s social media attempts to make light of the situation.

“She is making it seem like it’s OK because her grandmother lived here. You don’t walk in people’s houses.  She could have come in violent, she could have come in swinging. She could have come in with a knife.”  Fisher adds the trespasser could have lost her life had a different, more trigger-happy person been living there.

Bridger faces a charge of criminal trespass.