Mayo with ice cream?! Survey reveals the weirdest toppings people have tried

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, 54% say summertime makes them feel like a kid again, with pastimes like hitting the beach or the pool and water balloon fights helping them find their inner child. 

In fact, the average respondent says summer activities make them “feel like a kid again” as many as four times a week.

However, for respondents of the survey, timed to July’s National Ice Cream Month, eating the frozen treat is a big bonus of the dog days. In fact, 34% say eating ice cream in the summer makes them feel like they’re reliving the summers of their youth — outranking road trips and even riding a bike.

When asked about the weirdest toppings they’ve ever tried, respondents to the poll commissioned by the company I Love Ice Cream Cakes offered everything from squid ink to avocado to mayonnaise — and even ketchup. 


When it comes to classic flavors, 35% say they liked chocolate and vanilla nearly equally, with vanilla pulling slightly ahead; baby boomers preferred chocolate to vanilla by a wide margin when compared to millennials: 41% to 18%.

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