Man robs person who refused to buy him chicken nuggies

Boy, that escalated quickly …

WPLG reports a robbery happened outside of a Wendy’s in Miami-Dade, Florida, last week. Police say John Earl Taylor, 34, approached his victim and asked if they would buy him some nuggets, as he was out of cash.

The victim told Taylor he only had enough money to buy what he needed and went inside the restaurant chain. But when he exited, Taylor was waiting for him with a semi-automatic gun with an extended magazine.

The nugget-less Taylor demanded the victim’s car keys and gold chain. Once they were handed over, Taylor jumped in the victim’s car and drove away in it.

Sadly for the victim, Taylor then crashed the car after getting into a chase with police. He has since been charged with multiple counts, including armed robbery, armed carjacking and driving with a suspended license, as well as fleeing and eluding police.