It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a speed trap!!

Speed limits enforced by aircraft, indeed. If you see a sign saying this on the side of the road, you better wisen up because several people got nabbed for speeding in Maryland.

WTOP reports Anne Arundel County police took to the skies to search for speeders on the 7-mile stretch of Maryland’s Route 10.  The chopper basically would hover above the road and let police in their cruisers know if a speed demon was tearing up the strip.

Within a span of 2 1/2 hours, police were able to make 19 stops, issue 24 citations and give five warnings.

Among those being hit with “egregious speed violations” was a Ford Mustang charging up the road at a pace of 169 mph. For the record, the speed limit on Route 10 is 55 mph.

Several other speedsters hitting the 100 mph mark were also cited.  

Apparently if you go 40 miles over the posted speed limit, you get whacked with a $530 fine and could face some additional charges.

So, next time you see a chopper after reading one of those “enforced by aircraft” signs, it’s best you take your lead foot off the gas.