“I didn’t even know how to play Powerball,” says man who won $100K

If you want to win the lottery, you gotta play — because that’s what happened to this South Carolina man!

WJCL reports an unidentified man won a boat-load of money — $100,000 to be exact — thanks to watching TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life. The show suggests spending $25 a week on the lottery for three months, and on week one, he won $500.

Then, on week seven, the big prize came — $100,000 on Powerball. “I didn’t even know how to play Powerball,” he admitted, adding he thought he only won half the amount until his wife checked the winning ticket.

So, what’s this man going to do next? He says he bought himself a new car, and since he has a few more weeks of the three-month lottery challenge, he’ll keep on buying tickets.

It’s not like he doesn’t have enough money for it…