Anarchist squirrel wreaks havoc in Asheville

Three thousand people in Asheville, North Carolina, lost power last week, according to electric company Duke Energy, but the company insists they’re not to blame. Instead, it was a humble squirrel who left all those people in the dark.

Apparently, the culprit got their paws onto some wiring that they shouldn’t have, which affected residences, businesses and government buildings in the downtown area, according to UPI.

This isn’t the first time a squirrel has caused an outage, though. Shortly before the Asheville outage, another squirrel — or maybe the same squirrel with teleportation abilities and a need to cause chaos — took the power out for over 4,000 people in Minnesota.

So if you want to keep your AC on this summer, be sure not to get on the squirrel’s bad side.