The rummage for rum is on off the Virgin Islands coast

Instead of coral reefs, tourists can dive for rum at one resort in the Virgin Islands, which regularly drops full bottles of flavored rum in the ocean for guests to discover. 

Peach, blueberry lemonade, pineapple, key lime — they chuck all kinds of flavors of rum into the water for their “weekly snorkel booze hunt,” a unique take on exploring the waters of the Caribbean.

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort updates their TikTok account with videos of staff throwing Cruzan Rum into the water off their sandy beaches.

As the resort continues to document the booze hunt on social media, they’ve coined #snorkelboozehunt, which has surpassed 17 million views on the platform. 

But this event isn’t new. The resort staff say they’ve been doing this for decades and have perfected the rummage for rum. Each bottle is numbered so they know which, if any, are missing at the end of the hunt, and they have attendants on kayaks to bring the bottles to shore once the snorkelers find them.