Arby’s, Old Spice selling limited-edition Meat Sweat Defense Kit

Arby’s famously “has the meats,” but if you find yourself having the meat sweats, they’ve got you covered there, too. 

A meating of the minds with Old Spice has resulted in the creation of the Meat Sweat Defense Kit.

The carnivorous collab between the two companies — what they call a “high steaks partnership” — packages a “one-of-a-kind viral-worthy roast beef-patterned Meat Sweat sweatshirt and sweatpant combo” with a co-branded towel, sweatband, and two cans of Old Spice dry spray “to protect guys from the meat-sweating potential of Arby’s Half Pound Roast Beef Sandwich.”

The Meat Sweat Defense Kit will set you back $60 and can be found while supplies last at