Ba dah dah dah D’OH!

An Oklahoma fast-food worker has been arrested after a customer allegedly discovered a bag of methamphetamine with their food order.

The incident occurred Monday near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Skiatook Police Department was made aware of an incident at an unnamed local fast-food restaurant in which a customer found a small baggy of what appeared to be drugs inside their food order.

“Officers learned that the baggy had a crystalline substance inside of it that later tested positive for methamphetamine,” the Skiatook Police Department said on Facebook.

Bryan Francis, an employee at the restaurant, was subsequently arrested and charged with distribution of a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of a school, as well as possession of a controlled substance.

“When you go out to eat, please check the food, especially before consuming it or handing it to a child,” authorities advised.

In a follow-up social media post, the authorities added: “If you are the person that was [supposed] to receive this order, it is waiting for you at the Skiatook Police Department. Just swing on by!”