Vienna again tops the list as the world’s “most livable city”

The UK publication The Economist has posted its annual list of the most — and least — livable cities in the world, and for 2022, Vienna ranked first. 

It previously held the enviable title in 2018 and 2019.

The European destination’s “main charms” remain its “stability and good infrastructure,” but that was buttressed by “good health care and plenty of opportunities for culture and entertainment.”

Last year, Auckland, New Zealand topped the list, but draconian COVID restrictions dropped that city to 34th place. 

In second place was Copenhagen, Denmark; Zurich, Switzerland took third place, tying with Calgary, Canada.

In fifth place was another from our neighbors to the north, Vancouver, Canada; Geneva, Switzerland was in sixth place; Frankfurt, Germany ranked seventh, tying with Toronto, Canada; Amsterdam secured the ninth slot, followed by Osaka, Japan rounding out the top 10, tying with Melbourne, Australia.

Since safety and security are among the prime factors in the rankings compiled by The Economist‘s Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Kyiv, Ukraine didn’t rank this year, as EIU experts fled the country amid the Russian invasion. 

On a similar note, Damascus, Syria found itself at the very bottom of the list as the least livable city.

Others at the bottom included Lagos, Nigeria and Tripoli, Libya.