You ate what? Doctor finds over 200 coins, screws and batteries in man’s stomach

When a patient complains of stomach pain, doctors probably aren’t expecting to find over 200 pieces of metal in their stomach, yet that was exactly what doctors in Turkey discovered. 

Burhan Demir was being a good sibling, taking his 35-year-old brother to the hospital after the latter complained of abdominal pain. That’s when doctors discovered that there were 233 items in the patient’s stomach, including batteries, magnets, nails, pieces of glass, stones, and screws, according to

The items were removed by surgeons. 

There was no clear mention of how the objects wound up in the patient’s stomach, but one of the surgeons, Dr. Binici, noted, “It is not a situation we see in adults, it is mostly in childhood and unconsciously swallowed foreign bodies.”

“It can be seen in psychiatric patients, prisoners or abuse cases in the adult age group,” he added.