Go play outside! More than half of parents surveyed say their kids need to get out more

If you find your kids hanging around the house more than usual, you’re not alone: A new survey of 5,000 parents shows 57% worry their kids aren’t playing outside enough. 

The poll, which was sponsored by Claritin, also revealed that parents have to tell their kids to play outside an average of four times a week.

According to the survey data, parents in Alaska, Arizona and Missouri have to get on their kids about it the most: an average of six times a week. However, kids in these three states actually do get outside on average more than younger people in other states, except North Dakota and Wyoming. 

Seventy-six percent of the parents surveyed said most of their time as a kid was spent outside; nearly as many, 74%, say kids these days don’t appreciate the outdoors as much as they did in their youth.

There are several reasons parents want their kids outside: 51% want their children to get some fresh air — though nearly as many, 47% — just want their kids off their devices; 42% want them to get exercise. 

Sixty percent of those polled say they think some outside, unplugged time will benefit their kids’ mental health — which is concerning, seeing as the poll showed kids spend less than an hour a day on average. 

Of the parents whose kids do go outside, 42% say playing tag and having water balloon fights are still their favorite activities, nearly tied with going to the playground. 

That said, 65% of the parents polled say they’re always looking for new ways to get their children excited about playing in the open air. 

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