Road Work in The Dalles 6/20 – 6/24

Pavement Protectors will be conducting a crack sealing operation on 6/20 – 6/24, at which time this segment of the following streets will be closed off: 1) Clark Street (E 11th St. to E 12th St.) 2) E 10th St. (Thompson St. to Dry Hollow Rd.) 3) E 10th St. (Dry Hollow Rd. to Kelly Ave.) 4) E 10th St. (Kelly Ave. to Union St.) 5) E 14th St. (Kelly Ave. to Union St.) 6) E 19th St. (Dry Hollow Rd to Oakwood St.) 7) E 2nd St.

(Taylor St. to Brewery Overpass) 8) E 3rd St. (Taylor St. to 2nd St/Brew Grade RAB) 9) E 5th St. (Union St. to Washington St.) 10) E 8th St. (H St to Harris St.) 11) E 9th St. (E 10th St. to H St.) 12) G Street (E 9th St. to E 8th St.) 13) Heritage Loop (Heritage Wat (Int W) to Heritage Way (Int E)) 14) Heritage Way (EOP West to W 8th St.) 15) Lambert Street (Pvmnt Chng South to Old Dufur Rd.) 16) Lone Pine Boulevard (Lone Pine Dr. to Hwy 197) 17) Oregon Ave. (E 19th St. to E 12th St.) 18) Quinton St. (Oakwood Dr. to E 9th St.) 19) Snipes Street (EOP SW to W 2nd St.) 20) Taylor Street (E 3rd St. to EOP NE) 21) Trevitt Street (W 10th St. to 3rd Pl)

22) W 10th Street (Union St. to Cherry Heights Rd.) 23) W 10th Street (Cherry Heights Rd to End C/L

(Chenowith Bridge)) 23) W 15th Street (Elberta St. to EOP NW (#2412)) 24) W 3rd Street (Lincoln St. to W 4th St.) 25) W 6th St. (Mt. Hood to Snipes St.) 26) W 7th Street (Hostetler St. to Chenowith Lp Rd.) 27) W 8th Street (Cherry Heights Rd. to Webber St.) 28) W 9th Street (Union St. to Cherry Heights) Signs will be put up the day prior to the street closures. Construction hours are anticipated 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Road will remain closed during the crack sealing operation. Please avoid these areas and use alternate routes.

Please use caution while navigating this area of construction for the safety of everyone involved as we work to improve your streets.