Shark thanked: Private plane-tracking teen scores “friend for life” status with Mark Cuban

A 19-year-old has scored “friend for life” status and a lifetime of business advice from Mark Cuban — and he didn’t even have to appear on Shark Tank

Business Insider reports Jack Sweeney, who made headlines thanks to a Twitter feed in which he tracked the private jet comings-and-goings of Elon Musk, had been doing the same for Cuban. 

“Are you not concerned about safety issues with tracking jets? Not everyone on this platform is stable. Many can be irrational and dangerous,” Cuban said in DMs Sweeney shared with the publication.

“You tell me what you want so that I can end this risk to my family’s safety,” the entrepreneur continued. 

Sweeney argued tracking the jets of the rich and famous is based on publicly available information and said he didn’t intend to stop tracking them “for nothing.” He asked Musk for a Tesla or $50,000 but was instead blocked by the SpaceX genius.

However, according to DMs Sweeney shared with Insiderhe and Cuban came to an agreement, and the young man apparently stopped publicizing Cuban’s flight plans. 

“By ending this you have me as a friend for life,” Cuban said to Sweeney via DM. “You probably have Elon as a friend for life and I’m guessing that is far more valuable to you than the value of a Tesla. Some day you may start a business and you would have my help.”

The mogul and Dallas Mavericks owner confirmed the deal to Business Insider.