A suitcase full of beach gear and a positive COVID test: Student begins virtual internship from Cancun hotel room

Figuring out what to wear for your first day on the job just got even harder for one college student.

Indiana University student Emily Kennedy, who goes by @emken01 on TikTok, was forced to quarantine in Cancun, Mexico, after she contracted COVID-19 while on vacation there. In a viral TikTok video, she explained that she was starting an internship and had nothing work-appropriate to wear for her first days on Zoom, since she hadn’t planned to work from her hotel room.

“My internship is like very traditional business, so I’m used to like blazers and blouses,” Kennedy wrote in a caption. “This is very difficult for me.” 

In the clip, she shows the limited options she’s working with: crop tops, tank tops, bikinis and sundresses.

Commenters attempted to help her find some crafty solutions. One person wrote, “If u don’t just cut arm holes in a pillowcase.” She posted an update Monday featuring some creative outfit layering to spruce up her beach-casual duds into a more work-appropriate ensemble –- from the waist up, anyway. Here’s to ingenious interns and makeshift workspaces!