6/13 The Dalles City Council meeting

It could be a lot quieter in The Dalles this Fourth of July. Last night the city council did this:

“Mr. Mayor, I move to adopt Emergency Ordinance 22-189, the current emergency in the city of The Dalles due to extreme weather conditions.”

That was councilor Scott Randall. The ordinance he referred to bans the use of all fireworks in the city limits now through September 30, and violation can mean a fine of up to $750.

Since this was added to the agenda at the beginning of the council meeting, the text of the ordinance was not included in the council packet published online. Councilor Dan Richardson offered an explanation:

“We note for those who don’t have the document or having read through the materials at their home that according to the ordinance, there have been 24 brush fires through May of this year, so while it has been unusually cool, wet and windy, it has also been a pretty intensive fire year already.”

City Attorney Jonathan Kara noted that while ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks through September 30, it does not prevent the sale of them. Thus Oregon legal fireworks can be sold now, but can’t be deployed until fall, when it is colder and safer. 

Councilors also passed the city budget for the fiscal year that starts in July and moved to sign a contract bringing Mr. Kara in as an attorney directly employed by the city rather than a contract employee.