‘McMad’ Woman arrested after outburst over botched McDonald’s order

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Offiicials in Polk County, Florida arrested a woman who got ‘McMad’ and threw a tantrum after her McDonald’s order was botched.

Sheriff Grady Judd said that 22-year-old Tianis Jones “turned violent” after she going inside the fast-food chain about her order. When employees attempted to rectify the situation and offered her a discount, Jones walked behind the counter, where a security camera caught her throwing cups at employees.

Surprisingly, after the whole altercation, Jones called 911 to complain about her messed-up order.

“I’m five months pregnant,” Jones can be heard telling a 911 operator. “These people don’t know how to run a motherf****** McDonald’s!”

“She didn’t get her Happy Meal, or her fish sandwich, or her chocolate shake, or her sweet tea, but she did manage to get herself in a lot of McTrouble.” Sheriff Judd said, adding Jones caused about $100 of damage at the restaurant.

“She better not complain about the food we serve her at the county jail,” Judd added.

Jones was charged with burglary with assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and misuse of 911.