5/23 The Dalles City Council Meeting

The big item on the The Dalles City Council’s agenda last night was the award for construction of the updated Dog River pipeline. City Public Works Director Dave Anderson described the long-awaited project:

“The project will replace a now-110-year-old wooden pipeline, located in the Forest Service. that currently supplies over half the city’s water supply, and the replacement is necessary to maintain the integrity and reliability and resiliency of the city’s water supply system.”

One of the major problems with the ancient wooden pipe is that it leaks as much at a million gallons per day during the summer months.

The project has been in the works since an initial request to the Forest Service was made a dozen years ago in 2010. Since then, the city has had to secure a dozen permits from six different agencies, and the project is not inexpensive, as Anderson pointed out:

“The total project budget is just over $13 million dollars. We funded the project through a combination of city utility rates revenues, city water system development charges, plus $9 million 30 thousand dollars in outside funding.”

The winning bidder for the pipeline construction was Salem-based K&E Construction, with a bid of $5.8 million and change, considerably under the engineer’s $9 million estimate. 

Councilors also awarded the annual insurance coverage contract to City/County Insurance Services, or CIS for $492,000, and decided to end the practice of contracting for legal services with a local law firm and return to having an attorney that is a city employee. That process has the full support of the Campbell-Phillips law firm that has been fulfilling the contract.