Florida man tees off on I-95

Talk about golfing in the rough.

Vloggers Jose and Katherine Rodriguez, who live in Fort Myers, Florida but travel around the country documenting their everyday lives for their YouTube channel, SouthernLife, were driving along I-95 during rush hour on Friday when their dash cam picked up an unusual sight.

“We see this guy on the side of the road literally having a full golf game,” Jose tells WBBH-TV. “This is like Tiger Woods junior out there, he was doing his thing.”

The dash cam video shows a car pulled to the side of the road and a man taking practice swings in the grass just off the interstate.

And the guy wasn’t just taking practice swings, according to Rodriguez: he was connecting and hitting golf balls near the interstate.

“Who knows what this guy was thinking,” says Rodriguez, adding, “it’s just a really dangerous place to do it.”