200-year-old British pub called Vogue ordered to change its name by glamour magazine

A 200-year-old British pub named after the Cornish town Vogue has found itself in legal hot water with the lawyers for the glamour magazine of the same name.

According to Cornwall Live, the owners of The Vogue Star Inn say they were there first…by a long shot. 

“When I opened the letter I thought some bugger in the village was having me on,” says owner Mark Graham of a “cease and desist” letter they received from magazine publisher Conde Nast.

“Surely these people can’t be serious,” he continued. “In this modern day and age someone couldn’t be bothered to go onto Google and see that Vogue is a Cornish hamlet that’s been here for hundreds of years. It seems common sense has taken a backseat on this one.”

Still, the company’s chief operating officer Sabine Vandenbroucke wrote, “We are concerned that the name which you are using is going to cause problems because as far as the general public is concerned a connection between your business and ours is likely to be inferred.”

She added to the pub’s owners, “Please reply within seven days or we will take remedial action.”

For his part, Graham took photos all over the hamlet showing that its name — and the pub’s — have been around long before Vogue began publishing.

He added cheekily, “I note in your letter that you have only been in existence since 1916 and I presume that at the time when you chose the name Vogue in the capitalized version you didn’t seek permission from the villagers of the real Vogue.”

Graham added, “I also presume that Madonna did not seek your permission to use the word Vogue…for her 1990s song of the same name…As a side note, she didn’t seek our permission, either.”