My pod: What life is like in California’s $800 per month sleeping pod

With rents sky high in California’s Bay Area — home to billion-dollar Silicon Valley companies — many employees are having to downsize, bigly. 

With that in mind, Brownstone Shared Housing has opened a pair of residences that can fit 14 people, all living in pods, in the space of a footprint of a single family house. 

For $800 a month, you get a taste of what could be called luxe submarine living: According to a profile in Business Insider, each eight-foot-tall pod is split into two four-foot spaces, “giving occupants more space to sit up fully and move around.”

Fans provide ventilation, with LED lighting and electricity to power your digital devices, and there’s a fold-down shelf and a closet bar for hanging clothes.

Company co-founder Christina Lennox designed the pod, and spent a year living in one to refine the experience. “When you first move in, start making it your own,” she advises. 

To that end, she’s customized her wood-paneled mini room with magnetic hooks, to help her store her things.

And before you gripe about the living space, consider that the monthly rent is less than half of that of a traditional studio apartment in the area.

Out of Brownstone Shared Housing’s two 14-people residences, there is just one available pod up for grabs. “Our customers love them,” Lennox insists.

In fact, Lennox maintains that even when she’s able to afford her own home, she’s not leaving pod living.

“When I have a house that is just mine, I definitely want pods so I can sleep, even if there was like nobody else staying with me,” she says.