“You never know who you will meet as a State Trooper”

Talk about a major coincidence.

Connecticut State Police enjoyed an unlikely run-in on Wednesday, saying a trooper who immigrated from Poland responded to a call of a flat tire and stood face to face with the former president of his country.

Trooper Lukasz Lipert, who is from Poland, was “called to I-84 in Tolland to assist a motor vehicle with a flat tire,” the department said on Facebook. “Upon arrival, Troopers were greeted by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and the first ever President elected by popular vote in Poland, Lech Walesa.”

Walesa was president of Poland from 1990 to 1995 — the first democratically elected president since 1926 and the first ever to win by popular vote. Simply put, Trooper Lipert mind’s must have been blown because, out of all the Connecticut troopers, he was the one to respond.

“Trooper Lipert, a native of Poland, was beyond grateful for the opportunity to help such an influential individual, and briefly speak to him about the history of Poland,” the department added. The post also included a photo of the grinning trooper shaking hands with his former president.

Walesa was in Connecticut as part of a U.S. tour to advocate for Ukrainian refugees, and spoke about Poland’s efforts to assist those fleeing the war-torn country.