Move over Grinch, there’s a new gift stealer in town

Move over Grinch, there’s a new gift stealer in town.

A former sheriff’s deputy in Arizona was arrested after he allegedly crashed almost a dozen weddings and stole thousands of dollars worth of gifts from newlyweds, the Chandler Police Department said, The New York Post reports. 

Landon Earl Rankin, 54, would allegedly pose as a guest at weddings and steal boxes of wedding cards. Boxes at Phoenix-area weddings contained between $3,000-$6,000 and surveillance images show Rankin running off with the alleged boxes in a plastic bag. 

Rankin was arrested Thursday on suspicion of two count of burglary. He is also facing drug charges after police found amphetamine and fentanyl in his possession, police said. 

So, what did Rankin have to say for himself?

According to a probable-cause statement, he told police he attended the weddings for the vows “because he was going through a divorce.”