Family rescues puppy.  Puppy is not a domesticated dog

A family in Cape Cod must have ignored the crates labeled ‘ACME’ and other roadrunner hunting paraphernalia when they rescued a coyote puppy on the side of the road.

New England Wildlife Center announced the family scooped up the critter on the side of the road and tried reuniting the fuzzball with its family.  Unfortunately, they thought the pup belonged to a bipedal pack.

“The Eastern Coyote pup was separated from his family last week and was found wandering and distressed by the side of a busy road. He was then accidentally taken home by a local family after they mistakenly identified him as a lost puppy,” the rescue explained on Facebook. “After realizing their mix up they called us for assistance.”

The organization is warning people to please learn the difference between a domesticated species and a wild animal. “This case had a happy ending, but it could have easily gone differently,” it said, noting Coyotes can carry rabies. “If the finders had been bitten, scratched, or had extended contact we would have been mandated to euthanize the pup and test for rabies.”

The wildlife center will raise the puppy with its foster sibling and try to replicate the lessons it would have learned in the wild with its pack.