But most of all, we remember the music: Apple discontinuing the iPod

The iPod, which revolutionized how the world listens to stuff, will soon take its place alongside the VCR and the CD-ROM: Apple has announced that it’s discontinuing the once-ubiquitous devices. 

The latest generation of the iPod, the iPod Touch, is still available at Apple Stores and elsewhere, but the company said that’s only while supplies last. 

In a statement, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, noted the ending of an era, saying, “Music has always been part of our core at Apple, and bringing it to hundreds of millions of users in the way iPod did impacted more than just the music industry — it also redefined how music is discovered, listened to, and shared.”

He continued, “Today, the spirit of iPod lives on. We’ve integrated an incredible music experience across all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch to HomePod mini, and across Mac, iPad, and Apple TV.” 

Joswiak also mentioned the Apple Music service, noting that there was “no better way to enjoy, discover, and experience music.”

The reason for phasing the iPod out is logical: Your smartphone does everything that the iPod used to do, plus you can make calls, look at memes, text, and do pretty much everything else the MP3 player couldn’t.