5/09 The Dalles City Council meeting

The Dalles City Council last night moved a step closer to replacing the century-old wooden pipeline that brings the bulk of the city water supply from Dog River. Acting in their capacity as a contract review board, councilors approved a $469,000 contract to Mt. Hood-based Bounds Excavation for removal of timber in conjunction with the project. City Public Works Director Dave Anderson described the scope of the project:

“We’re talking a corridor that’s three and a half miles long. We’re going to be utilizing an existing Forest Service dirt road for. as much of the corridor as we can to reduce the footprint of the project. The corridor that we’re allowed to clear, where we’re going through standing timber is 25 feet wide. So three and a half miles long, 25 feet wide.”

The project will begin construction this year and will hopefully conclude next year.

In other business, councilors awarded a $547,000 contract to Crestline Construction of The Dalles for Phase 2 of the East Scenic Drive stabilization project, constructing the final 205 feet of a retaining wall. City Engineer Dale McCabe told councilors that this would be followed by a fourth phase in a couple of years:

“That fourth and final phase will be for reconstructing the entire roadway segment and cross section from Jefferson Street to Esther Way. That project will consist of rebuilding the roadway, putting a new surface on, installing new curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of the street.”

Again, that final phase is projected for a couple of years in the future.