Woman marries cat in attempt to stop landlord from separating them

In a desperate attempt to keep a landlord from evicting her cat, a woman made the ultimate commitment — marrying her cat.

Deborah Hodge, 49, married India, her five-year-old pet feline, in a civil ceremony on April 19. According to WalesOnline, the single mother-of-two hopes her commitment will show future landlords just how important it is for her that they stay together.

“By marrying India, I need any future landlords to know that we come as a package and we cannot be separated under any circumstances as she is as important to me as the children,’ Deborah said. “I refuse to be parted with her. I’d rather live on the streets than be without her.”

Hodge, who previously had to re-home three pets due to landlords not accepting them, added, “Your pets become part of your family and it was just absolutely devastating having to say goodbye to them.”

“I recited vows under the universe that no man will ever tear myself and India apart,” she said. “I set out my intention that I would never be separated from the animal I adore.”