Man who robbed grocery store three times in six days nabbed by waiting cop

They say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, which proved to be a costly mistake for one thief who dared to return three more times.

A man who assaulted the owners and robbed a Jersey City grocery store three times in six days was captured by a waiting police officer when he came back a fourth time, according to

Store surveillance video taken at the store on Friday shows the suspect jumping across the counter, just as he had the previous three times between January 10 and January 16. Only this time, the robber was stunned when an off-duty Police Officer, who had stopped by to check on the store, jumped out from the back of the store.

The robber tried to escape, but he was caught and arrested around the corner by the officer and the store owner’s son, who is also a Jersey City police officer.

The robber, suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance, was charged with four counts of strong armed robbery and one count resisting arrest.