Finally, a fart story that doesn’t stink

Remember Steph Matto, the woman who went viral earlier this month after revealing she earned $200,000 selling her farts until she fell ill from letting off one too many? Well, there’s a happy ending to the story for Matto who might have “found love” with a man sitting near her on a plane.

“I’m actually in Turks and Caicos with somebody really special right now, who I met through this fart jar thing,” the 90 Day Fiancé alum tells Metro.

“I got on my flight, I’m sitting in business class and I have my mask on. The person next to me keeps glancing over and I’m trying to show that I’m smiling with my eyes because he can’t see that I’m smiling,” she continues. “So we get our champagne right before we’re about to take off, I take my mask off as I’m about to have a drink and take a picture of myself he’s like, ‘Oh you want me to take a better picture? I can take it from a higher angle’.”

“I was like, ‘yeah sure’. So he goes to take a picture of me and he’s like, ‘OK, this is a crazy question but you look really familiar. You don’t happen to be an influencer?’” adds Matto. “I was like ‘yes I am.’ Basically he knew the whole story, he’s been following the whole story online. He’s very aware that I’m ‘fart jar girl’ and we were basically talking about fart jars the whole entire time.”

Stephanie says her new beau is “really into” crypto, which is perfect because she’s now selling fart jar NFTs, one of which he even bought from her.

Ah, love is in the air…or is that something else I smell?