Doctor banned from practice after for branding patients with his initials

A U.K. doctor got the boot after it was discovered he branded his initials into his patients’ livers. 

Back in February and August of 2013, Simon Bramhall branded his initials on the livers of his patients after performing transplants, the BBC reports. He was found out by another doctor, who discovered the 1.6 inch initials after one of the organs failed about a week after the surgery.

Bramhall admitted to the deed and quit his job in 2014. In 2017, he plead guilty and was convicted of two counts of common assault and fined over $13,000. Bramhall was also sentenced to community service and suspended from practicing medicine. 

Recently, Bramhall was invited to have his case reviewed, with counsel arguing that his “fitness to practice was no longer impaired,” but on Monday that was denied and an immediate suspension was put in place. However, Bramhall does have 28-days to appeal.