Is your doctor leaving as MCMC and OHSU sever relations?

A story on the Columbia Community Connection news site is causing massive reverberations, as Mid-Columbia Medical Center and Oregon Health Sciences University announced they are severing connections that have delivered a number of specialist medical services to The Dalles. And many people will suddenly have to find a new doctor, as 14 members of the primary care group are going.

The CCC story lists the following doctors as leaving or gone:

Jon Soffer

Judy Richardson

Carrie Vieirra

Maile Anslinger

Jordan Nagle

Pema Bhutia

Emma Pieiris

Rebecca Coombs

Kim Whitaker

Colin McInnes

Jessie Radley

Sara McCaffrey

Margaret Haupt.

To get the full story, here is a LINK to it on the CCC website