Oh Christmas tree: Family finds slithering snake in their tree

It’s a Christmas surprise that no one saw coming — a snake in the Christmas tree!

Rob and Marcela Wild and their children — Edward, 11, and Sahara, seven — had just finished decorating their tree when things began to go awry. 

According to the Daily Mail, Rob explained, “We were admiring our work when my wife Marcela pointed to our two cats and said she thought there might be a mouse in the tree as they were staring at it. They often bring “gifts” in from the farm we live on so Marcela went to have a look and moved a bauble and saw a snake’s head staring straight back at her.”

That’s when they called a snake catcher, who was able to wrangle the reptile known as a boomslang — one of the world’s most poisonous snakes. 

“I was wishing for a lot of things to be under the tree for Christmas Day but not a four-foot long poisonous snake,” Rob added.