North Central Public Health District COVID Update

Wasco County Commissioners met this morning. Dr. Mimi McDonell of North Central Public Health District had another meeting and wasn’t able to present an update on the pandemic, but Commissioner Kathy Schwartz, who is a registered nurse and former head of the health district, said the district board met last night and she gave this report:

“As most of you know probably know by now, because it’s been in the news that the omicron variant is in Oregon, and it’s very transmissible, and as Dr. McDonell said last night, there’s more unknowns than knowns about this variant, so not really prepared any of us yet to answer specific questions about it, but for now the CDC, the Oregon Health Authority is still encouraging people to get vaccinated, get boosted, as what we know now, that is certainly the best defense against any of the variants.”

She also announced vaccination clinics will be held Thursday and Friday at the Readiness Center. They encourage people to make vaccination appointments, which can be done on the North Central Public Health District website.