Hood River Police bust more people with Fentanyl

There has been great interest regarding Fentanyl and it’s presence in our community. The US as a whole has seen a great influx of these deadly pills. Finding themselves into all communities across the Country. Unfortunately our community isn’t immune to this trend. Our Officers are diligently working and trying their utmost to keep our community safe and free of these harmful and deadly drugs.

Officer Emelike Delancy conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by a male and female duo. During the investigation in excess of 10,000 Fentanyl laced pills, 3oz of Methamphetamine and 2ozs of Heroin were seized.

At roughly $20 per pill the estimated street value of the seized Fentanyl is approximately $200,000.

These are recent examples of what our Officers are encountering on the streets during their proactive patrols in our city.

We would like to thank the community for all your supports and encouragement. We will continue to work tirelessly trying to prevent these dangerous drugs from invading our homes.

Photo’s Courtesy of Hood River Police Department