Who leaves $10,000 in an unlocked car? …wondered no thief ever

Here’s a word of advice: if you are going to leave your car unlocked, don’t leave nearly $10,000 worth of stuff in it.

New Canaanite reports that a Connecticut man failed to listen to the state’s numerous warnings of a rising number of thieves rummaging through unlocked vehicles, and is now out a whole lot of money. 

The man left $8,000 in gift cards sitting in his unlocked car — as well as his wallet that had $1,200 in cold hard cash inside.  Basically, he made a thief’s day.

That same crook hit up another vehicle a few streets over and pocketed an extra $40.

While it is a painful lesson indeed, police are left shaking their heads that residents are still refusing to lock their cars and, therefore, inviting more crime into their neighborhoods.