Survey shows three in five Americans feel more tired now than they ever have

If you’re feeling run down lately, you’re not alone: A new survey shows three in five Americans feel more tired now than they ever have. 

The non-scientific survey of 2,004 Americans that was sponsored by Monster Energy, 59% say spending so much time at home during the lockdowns has permanently sapped their get-up-and-go. Fifty-six percent say their sleep schedule is messed up, thanks to all that lockdown time, and 55% say no amount of sleep helps them feel better. 

Nearly 70% of those polled blame working from home for mixing up their sleep cycle. As a result, 58% say they feel “disjointed and unfocused.”

In fact, for all of those who love working from home, nearly half miss spontaneous conversations with co-workers, which gave them the energy they lack working by themselves at home. Forty-two percent say the lack of a scenery change is also draining. 

Work-from-homers also blame video conferencing for their loss of energy: three in five say video chatting is even more draining than in-person meetings. 

Fifty-three percent blame long work hours for being so tired, 46% blame too much screen time, and 36% say working from home has led to fewer breaks from work — after all, there’s no need to get out to grab lunch with your workmates. Other studies have shown that employers have blurred home workers’ boundaries, sending emails at all hours to which employees feel obligated to reply. 

Thirty-three percent of the Monster survey respondents say working from home means they don’t get any alone time, noting that kids or partners are always around, which they say is draining. 

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