Rock your next ugly sweater party with the world’s most expensive one, for a mere $40,000

Boredom and talent can make for some interesting combinations, and a locked-down U.K.-based designer proved just that, with the world’s most expensive holiday sweater

Aidan Liban spent $9 thousand bucks and six months of lockdown time in 2020 to craft his magnum opus.

Truth told, it’s not technically “an ugly Christmas sweater” — Liban’s craftsmanship is more haute kitchy. He used luxury materials like diamond-encrusted silver stars, 24-carat gold threading, an Italian silk lining, and thousands of Swarovski crystals for the sweater, which depicts a reindeer wearing a Santa hat, standing proudly in the snow. 

Liban intends to sell the record-breaking romper, with some of the proceeds going to the U.K.’s National Health Service. “I’m broke now so I need to get it sold,” the former art student says in a promotional video. “I think it’s worth every penny.”

For the record, the previous record holder for “most expensive ugly Christmas sweater” was one made by Tipsy Elves. It sold in 2016 for $32,000.  

Oh, and if you have 40 grand burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to wear Liban’s sweater proudly. Just don’t think about washing it — it’s way too delicate for your average Whirlpool.