Party time: Survey shows three in five Americans haven’t seen their loved ones for the holidays in two years

It looks like Americans are beyond ready to gather with the family to celebrate the holidays, according to a new survey

A poll of 2,000 Americans that was commissioned by Chinet finds three in five haven’t seen their loved ones for the holidays in two years. Thanks, COVID-19.

That said, this year, they’re looking to make up for lost time. Seventy-seven percent said they’re thankful that they can spend time with their loved ones this holiday season. However, 63% admitted the pandemic has “significantly” changed their holiday traditions, with 69% saying the past two years made them more interested in creating new traditions.  

Seventy-three percent of respondents say that they bond with their families over the holidays more than any time during the year, with 81% saying they look forward to spending that time together. 

Seventy-three percent of those polled say they were surprised at how excited their kids are about the family finally getting back together this year. In fact, some of the respondents’ best memories revolve around the holidays — like exchanging gifts, “chatting around the fireplace” and having Christmas cookies at grandma’s.

On average, the respondents say people have 14 guests over for their holiday gatherings — and this year, they’re ready to open their doors to the same number, finally.

A third of those polled say they find the holidays just as fun as when they were kids, and three in four say the pandemic gave them a better appreciation for the holidays. 

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