Survey shows millennials willing to go into debt to throw a holiday party this year

It seems like after all the pandemic lockdowns, people want to party. In fact, according to a new survey from LendingTree, 30% of Americans plan to throw a get-together, and are willing to part with as much as $760 to do so. 

Millennials, however, are willing to spend more. While their older counterparts in Gen X — those 41-55 years old — are more willing to throw a party this year, millennials say they’re willing to spend more, and 55% say they’re ready to go into debt just to get down.

The non-scientific poll of 2,049 Americans shows that millennials will spend nearly $1,000 on hosting alone this holiday season, on everything from decor, refreshments and gifts. 

While the majority of that dough, nearly 90%, is slated for food and booze, 60% of the respondents say they’re spending for decor for inside the home, 41% for outside decorations, and 60% will buy holiday gifts for their guests. 

Sure it’s pricey, but it sure beats a Zoom party. 

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